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[advisor_company_history_progressbar text_color=”#3a9aa5″ image=”1569″ heading=”LOOKING FOR A TELECALLER JOB?” description=”The main job responsibility of a tele-caller is to make cold or unsolicited calls on behalf of a third party, to obtain information or sell any product or service. … In some job profiles, the candidates have to take up inbound marketing calls (customer initiated calls) and try to sell the product to the customers for getting your job please call us or send us an inquiry we will get in touch “][/advisor_company_history_progressbar]
[advisor_contact_us background=”bg-white” heading=”BPO TELECALLER” text=”We are engaged in providing Call Center-Tele Calling Services where all necessary functions are supported as per the client requirements.We undertake all types of outbound tele-calling for customer verification as well as to pass on to the customer their personal information.” image=”312″ class_name=”m-top-20″]