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[advisor_accordion text_color=”#03266d” images=”2340″ heading=”WANT TO REGISTER NGO ?” text=”First, you would need to pick a name, then check to see if it is already registered. If the desired name doesn’t exist yet, you can proceed to apply with the Registrar for a Certificate of Incorporation. The best way of registering your Non-Government Organization is by doing it with EDYMO We do all the work for you We offer you the cheapest ngo registration service across India because we know that you want to do good work for more details call us or send us an inquiry”][/advisor_accordion]
[advisor_contact_us background=”bg-white” heading=”NGO REGISTRATION DOUMENTATION” text=”1)Trust Deed in original with copies
2)Trust Deed needs to be printed on a stamp paper
3)Address proof, photo ID proof and PAN card details of trustees.
4)photos of trustees and witnesses were taken on the spot at the concerned office.
” image=”312″ class_name=”m-top-20″]